Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pepper Miller Shares Insights with M2W audience

For the second time, PMP author, Pepper Miller, President of The Hunter-Miller Group was voted best speaker by the standing-room-only audience of the 8th annual M2W conference in April 2012 at the Chicago Cultural Center. She also earned the award in 2005.

Pepper is the co-author of What's Black About It and author of the newly released,  Black STILL Matters in Marketing.

In her presentation about what it means to be a Black woman in America today, she stressed that "Different is not Deficient."

Highlights included:
  1. The definition of the Black family is changing: Seventy-three percent of all Black births are to single moms, but that doesn't mean they are bad moms.
  2. A new generation of young, single, accomplished and childless Black women are breaking stereotypes about Black women today.
  3. Many Black women are delaying or foregoing childbearing. In 2008, 39 percent of Black women aged 20 to 34 had no children compared with 34 percent of childless Black women in 2003.
  4. The internet is not necessarily an equalizer. Although Black women are all over the internet, they tend to congregate and share their stories in relevant online communities that make up the powerful, yet under-the-radar, Black social network and blogosphere. 
Marketers who want to take advantage of these trends need to understand how to speak to Black women and where to find them. Pepper Miller's latest book, Black Still Matters in Marketing, addresses questions of respect and approach, and provides a detailed list of some of the best blogs and other media where marketers can appeal to both male and female customers.

On making the award to Pepper, Nan McCann, producer of M2W, said, "Once again, Pepper eloquently and compellingly presented insights on Black women that could be game changers for anyone charged with creating successful outcomes in any commercial, political or social enterprise. As one attendee wrote in an exit survey, 'She really brought the message home.'"

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