Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Why Authenticity Matters

The importance of authenticity to  multicultural consumers has been a constant theme among the authors of PMP books about those consumers.  We are proud that PMP authors have been in the forefront of recognizing authenticity and what it means to the multicultural community.

 Perhaps authenticity is so important to reaching multicultural consumers because so often they have often felt lied to, but Pepper Miller, David Morse, Teneshia Jackson, Erin Patton, Isabel Valdes, Cristina Benitez, and Miriam Muley  (in no particular order) have all stressed in their books the importance of having an authentic voice and message,  not something conjured up just to celebrate Black History Month or Hispanic Heritage Month.

The good news is that multicultural consumers recognize authenticity when they see it and reject positions that are designed to pander to them and their interests. As consumers that may make them  a more difficult group to reach, but companies and their marketers who understand the authentic component as a critical part of their messaging have a much better chance of success. Moreover, multicultural employees are an important part of conveying an authentic voice.

Just saying you care about multicultural consumers or adding a few brown faces into your advertisements does not convey authenticity.  You can learn more by reading any of the multicultural titles at Paramount Market Publishing.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

PMP's Pam Danziger Named to Luxury Daily's List of "Luxury Women to Watch 2013"

Pam Danziger, president and founder of luxury-focused marketing and consulting firm Unity Marketing and author of two PMP titles, has been named to Luxury Daily's inaugural list of "Luxury Women to Watch 2013."  She joins an elite group of 25 leaders in the luxury marketing arena, whose members are drawn from luxury retailers and brand, media executives, service providers, and marketing researchers and agencies.

According to Luxury Daily Editor-in-Chief Mickey Alam Khan, "the 25 executives who make the cut shared the same qualities: dedication to craft, consumer focus, ambition, leadership potential, [and serving as] educator and role model.  Above all, they are focused on the larger picture and not getting mired in the weeds."

Danziger was selected in part due to Unity Marketing's focus on drilling deeply into the behavior and motivations of the affluent consumer, a small population with a big impact on the luxury marketplace and the economy in general.  "While there are ways of using Big Data to track consumer behavior, nothing can truly replace the power of one-on-one interviews with consumers," she says.  "That, in a nutshell, is my special challenge:  valuable consumer insights about the luxury consumers are hard to come by and costly to obtain.  Yet they are critical to the success of those who market to this small but important group."

Danziger takes a personal approach to marketing research, gathering data through a series of in-depth quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews and video tours to generate new perspectives about why, when, and how affluent consumers purchase luxury goods and services.  She insists on personal conversations and observations of luxury consumers and the way they live their lives to better understand how they make purchase decisions, in order to communicate actionable information and advice to marketers to help them be more successful in reaching these high-value customers.

Many of the insights gained from her work appear in her book, Putting the Luxe Back in Luxury.

The  personal approach is reflected in her quarterly Luxury Tracking Study, where she surveys over 1,200 affluent consumers about their purchase behavior over the past quarter and purchase plans for the coming three months.  Each quarterly survey includes a special investigation into an aspect of luxury consumer behavior that is of special relevance to luxury brands, such as the recent deep dive into the role of internet, social media and mobile devices in the luxury consumer's lifestyle entitled Affluents Online.

"I am pleased to join this group of influencers selected by Luxury Daily," says Danziger.  "In 2013, I look forward to continuing to bring new perspectives and new understanding to luxury marketers about their customers, both their current customers and the millennial-generation customers they will meet in the future."