Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blacks Overindex in Using Mobile Devices for Shopping and Online Viewing

Readers of Pepper Miller's latest book, Black STILL Matters in Marketing were not surprised by new data from Prosper Insights and Analytics that show that Black consumers aged 18 and over index higher than the general population when it comes to using their mobile phones for shopping and viewing online content.

In Ms. Miller's book, she and co-writer, Kevin Walker of CultureLab write extensively about Black media and how its various forms are being used by Black consumers. Among  their comments: "Internet access for many African Americans is not on the computer. Due to several factors, including availability and cost, internet access by African Americans has sidestepped the desktop and laptop for the cell phone."

For example, Miller cites Pew Research that shows that 44 percent of African-American teens use their cell phones to access the internet vs. 35 percent and 21 percent of Latino and White teens, respectively.

Prosper found that Blacks over index in such behaviors as checking in to get a discount,  comparing prices on various websites, and reading product reviews among others. Overall, Black consumes have a mobile aptitude index of 127, indicating that they have a higher mobile capacity (+27) than the general population of adults. Prosper reported that Blacks are also more likely than the general population to view content such as TV, sports, and news on their mobile devices. You can find specifics on the Prosper findings by clicking on the link above.

As usual, readers of Paramount Market Publishing books get an early "heads up" on new trends in consumer behavior with insights and wisdom about how to take advantage of those trends before their non-reading competition catches up.