Monday, November 14, 2011

Why you need to win the Hispanic market

PMP bestseller, M. Isabel Valdes, has been busy editing a new book that includes the expertise of about 20 strategists, researchers, and marketers involved with the Hispanic market. Although the book started out with the title, Hispanic Metrics for Success, Isabel soon learned that the title threw potential readers off--they thought they would be reading yet another book about statistics.

But Isabel's mission in assembling this group of expert collaborators is far beyond statistics. Rather, its purpose is to persuade Boards of Directors, CEOs, CMOs, and CFOs that the Hispanic market presents the most sustainable and viable growth market in the United States for the foreseeable future. 
That's why we retitled the book, WIN the Hispanic Market! Strategies for Business Growth.

The reason for the message is that domestic population growth for the next 40 years will be mainly among minority groups (who will become the majority) and Hispanics are the largest of those groups. Since most business growth in the U.S. depends on consumers, it only stands to  reason that Hispanics need to be a significant part of most companies'  growth opportunities.

You can learn more about the collaborators on the book here as well as review the table of contents. A hint: A pre-publication sale is going on now at Paramount. The book will be out in January, but if you order now, you'll not only get the discount, but also you'll be one of the first to have this critical information for the next decades. 

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