Wednesday, December 7, 2011

India doesn't want foreign retailers, but the Far East does

The New York Times reports today that India has withdrawn its measure to allow foreign retailers to partner with Indian companies and open new stores.

It's true that India should be an attractive market whose population is projected to outgrow China's by 2050, but it can be a difficult one. Businesses who want to enter the Indian market need to pay attention to a variety of issues including marketing, demographics, and workforce issues. India Business is a book that outlines many of the opportunities and pitfalls of doing business there.

If India does not welcome foreign retailers, other regions of the world do, including the Far East.  Laurent Sausset's new book, Shopping Behavior in Asia,  What Retailers Need to Know for Success in the Far East, is based on surveys of consumers  from all the countries in the region and details what steps specific categories of retailers can take to assure their success.

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