Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Want focus group success? Ask questions, listen, observe, read between the lines

 Although our authors represent many different companies and opinions, they are also in accord on somethings. Author Robert Morais (Refocusing Focus Groups), responded to a comment on this blog by Judith Langer (author of The Mirrored Window) about the advocates of neuromarketing who believe that focus groups are out of date.

Here's what Bob Morais has to say:

"I agree with Judy Langer’s comments on the Fast Company Neuromarketing story.  As much as critics deride focus groups, marketers still spend about $1B a year to field them.  Some of that money is wasted because there are countless wrong ways to conduct focus groups.  But some of the investment in focus groups is surely well spent, producing knowledge and insight that neuroscience cannot generate.  The key to better focus groups is asking the right questions, using smart techniques, listening and  observing closely, and reading between the lines."

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